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Simple and Powerful TS Monorepos
Published: 2/3/22

Monorepos have always been daunting to me and seem like they need a lot of complex set up, so I've steered clear. Recently, I have been working on something where a monorepo makes sense from an architectural point of view, so I wanted to document how I am setting it up. The project will consist of s...

Solving Long Relative Paths Problems in Node.JS with Subpath Imports
Published: 1/10/22

Learn to solve "relative path hell" in Node JS the right way.

Deploying to Digital Ocean with PM2 and Github Actions
Published: 12/15/21

Simple way to automate deployment when you make new commits.

Published: 12/11/21

Full documentation of the nginx configuration of!

The Best Way To Use Prism.js Highlighting With Nextjs
Originally Published: 11/14/20
Last Updated: 12/13/21

Run prism on the server with next js instead of the client.

3 Amazing Next.js Features
Originally Published: 10/28/20
Last Updated: 1/31/22

A little summary of hybrid static site regeneration capabilities of Next